School Objective

"Leading children to grow up strong, bright, and with a tender heart.”

Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles
  1. Helping the children acquire the proper daily habits in order to stay healthy.
  2. Helping the children learn how to get along with each other, and to develop compassion for one another.
  3. Improving the children’s athletic performance in order to build up well-balanced bodies.
  4. Developing the children’s basic intellectual abilities based on their individual personalities.
  5. Deepening the children’s interest and understanding of language in order to develop their linguistic competence.
  6. Helping the children cultivate a warm heart with rich emotions.
  7. Through a variety of educational environments, striving to develop a well-rounded and competent learner.
Features of Angel Kindergarten

Provides an enriching education through the rhythm of music, a foundation for physical health,
language acquisition, sensitivity, self-expression, and the promotion of free play.

Main Annual Events Calendar

※Events are subject to change based on the year and season.

  • Orientation Day
  • Entrance Ceremony
  • The First Semester Opening Ceremony
  • “Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in April
  • Parent Visitation Day, Officer Election for The Parent Association, General Meeting
  • “Bamboo-Shoot Picking” Field-Trip
  • Outside Childcare
“Bamboo-Shoot Picking” Field-Trip
  • Iris Leaf Hot Bathing
  • “Parent & Child” Field-Trip
  • “Strawberry-Picking” Field-Trip
  • “Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in May
  • “Let’s Grow to be Bigger and Stronger!” Children’s Day Event
  • Outside Childcare
  • English Conversation Class
“Strawberry-Picking” Field-Trip
  • Father Visitation Day
  • “Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in June
  • Rice Planting
  • Firefly Appreciation Party
  • Sweet Potato Planting
  • Animal Petting Day
  • Pool Opens!
  • Outside Childcare
  • 3-D Movie Viewing Experience at the Matsuyama City Children’s Museum of Communication
  • English Conversation Class
Rice Planting
  • Planetarium Field-Trip
  • “Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in July
  • “Our Wishes Reach the Heavens!” Star Festival
  • Animal Petting Day
  • Outside Childcare
  • Outside Pool Swimming
  • Pool Rules are Enforced Until July
  • What fun! Japanese Drum Sounds at the “Cool Evening Breeze” Gathering
  • English Conversation Class
  • The First Semester Closing Ceremony
  • Waku-Waku Summer Camp
Star Festival
  • Summer Vacation
  • “What Kind of Fish Can We Catch?” Overnight Childcare
  • Interviews with New Kindergartener Applicants
Overnight Childcare
  • The Second Semester Opening Ceremony
  • “Summer Vacation Experience” Presentation
  • “What a Marvel with Their Many Sounds!” Insect Listening Party
  • “Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in August and September
  • “May Grandma & Grandpa Live Long!” Respect-for-the-Aged Party
  • Moon Viewing
  • “Chestnut-Picking” Field-Trip
  • English Conversation Class
Insect Listening Party
  • Autumn Games
  • “Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in October
  • “We did it! We did it!” Sweet Potato Digging and Harvest Festival
  • “I wonder How Plates Are Made?” Tobe-Style Pottery and Porcelain
  • English Conversation Class
Autumn Games
  • “Works on Display” Rummage Sale by The Parent Association
  • “Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in November
  • Outside Childcare
  • English Conversation Class
Works on Display
  • ”Rice Cake Pounding” Rally
  • ”Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in December
  • Music Recital
  • Christmas Party
  • English Conversation Class
  • The Second Semester Closing Ceremony
Christmas Party
  • The Third Semester Opening Ceremony
  • Spinning Tops & Shuttlecock Meeting
  • “Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in January
  • “Can We Skate Like Penguins?” Ice Skating
  • “Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in February
  • Ice Skating
  • “Let’s Get Rid of Demons and Get Healthy!” Bean Throwing Festival
  • Presentation of Games & Plays
  • Outside Childcare, “Snowball Fight!” Kuma Ski Land
Presentation of Games & Plays
  • Outside Childcare
  • “Wow, cool! What Country Did This Bird Come From?”Bird Watching
  • “Happy Birthday!” Party for the Children born in March
  • Farewell Field-Trip
  • Visit by the “Suginoko Gekidan” Troupe (Puppet Show)
  • “Take Care!” Big Brother & Sister Farewell Party
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • The Third Semester Closing Ceremony
Graduation Ceremony
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