Childcare Support

On this page, you can receive support for raising your child.

We respond to any questions, requests, or opinions regarding child care, making this page convenient and efficient for parents.

“Let’s Play Together!” Class

2 and 3 year-old children are invited to join the “Let’s Play Together!” class before officially entering our kindergarten school.

Group Activities

Why don’t you join us in the Group Activities while your child is with us?

Extended and Holiday Childcare are Available!

Join our Buddy-Buddy Club during the Extended and Holiday Programs!

“Let’s Play Together!” class

☆“Let’s Play Together at the Kindergarten!” for 2 year olds☆

Guiding Principles

We are currently conducting the “Let’s Play Together!” class for 2 and 3 year-olds at Angel Kindergarten.

There are many stimulating and interesting things planned for the children, such as exploring the kindergarten, getting on the kindergarten bus, cooking together with the parents, etc. Why don’t you parents come out and experience the kindergarten activities with your children?

You are also welcome to consult with us about childcare, raising a child, nourishment, and development matters. Our qualified staff in charge will be more than pleased to offer you some advice. Please feel free to utilize this service!

The number of people who utilize this service has been gradually increasing, and our circle of child-raising parents has steadily grown.

Please take advantage of this convenient relationship among the other mothers and fathers!

2 and 3 Year-Old Children
“Let’s Play Together!” Class
Age2 and 3 Year-Old Children
TimeTuesday, Thursday (9:30~11:30)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday (9:30~11:30 or 9:30~1:50pm)
Course 5 Times-a-Week Course (Parent & Child Participation)
3 Times-a-Week Course・6 Times-a-Week Course (Regular Participation)
OtherThe Commuting Bus Service and Lunch Service are also available

We also have the “One-Day Trial Class” to try out!

Inquiries Letter from the Teachers:

“We are having so much fun carrying out activities together with the children and their mothers.

Come, let’s all play together! Everyone is always smiling in the “Let’s Play Together!” Class.

Please come and join us at any time! Fun activities that will lead to healthy growth of the child and homemade snacks are provided each time.

We have also answered a request from the parents! *Individually Programmed Childcareis now offered!

Childcare that fits each individual child’s needs can now be found in the “Let’s Play Together!” Class.

The parents can also learn how to handle some “at home” issues with their children, such as toilet-training and dealing with their picky eating habits by actually implementing the solutions together with our childcare workers.

Children can learn from each other through this stimulating experience.

One class consists of only 15 children.

*“Individually-Programmed Childcare” is a specially-designed childcare in which the difficulties regarding the subject child can be exclusively handled on a one-to-one or small-group basis.

Activity Plan
●	“Let’s Play Together!” Class Activity Plan
  • Exploring the Kindergarten
  • Cooking with Mom
  • Let’s Ride the Kindergarten Bus!
  • Playing in the Pool
  • Tanabata Festival (Star Festival)
  • Making Rhythm
  • Athletic Meet
  • Let's visit the nursing home.
  • Sweet Potato Digging
  • Yakiimo Party (Baked Sweet Potato Party)
  • Christmas Party
  • “Let’s Make Some Nice, Round Mochi (Rice Cakes)!”
  • Kite-Flying
  • “Let’s Get Rid of Demons and Get Healthy!” Bean Throwing Festival
  • Farewell Party for the Graduating Children
  • Many other plans are also being prepared now!
Waku-Waku Club

We are also holding the “Waku-Waku Club” as a part of the Childcare Support Program.

Any child who hasn’t yet entered the Nursery School may join! At the ages of 2 and 3, children begin to associate with one another.

It is said the sooner a child can start mingling with other kids of the same age, the better! So please come and play with us at Angel and enjoy our kindergarten experience!

※Please call us in advance in order for us to prepare refreshments.

“Let’s Play Together! Class” is run by two childcare workers in a specially-designated room.

* Please bring indoor shoes, a water bottle, towel and extra clothes.
* The application can be turned in any time. Please give us a call.

Group Activities
Group Activities

“Together, For These Children Full of Energy,
Why Don’t We Start Something New?”

You can bring a small child into any group activity.

Let’s have a good time while growing our circle of child-raising parents!

Please feel free to come and visit us (even just to watch!).

Soft Volleyball
Soft Volleyball

They play once or twice a week at the Masaki Gymnasium.

Many people come out, including full-time workers and people who haven’t exercised lately, to come together and have a good time.

A lot of smiling faces are in this group! Please visit them to see how they are doing.

The volleyball is a little larger and softer than an average ball.

Place: Masaki Gymnastic Hall 2F Arena

Frequency: About twice a week


Aerobics is a full-body workout that supplies a large amount of oxygen to the body.

Let’s have a nice sweat under the guidance of Super-Instructor Uenozono!

Aerobics will not only keep you in shape, but also change your mood and relieve your stress!

Place: Angel Kindergarten Gymnasium (and others)

Frequency: About 3 times a month

Instructor: A.D. is authorized by Japan Aerobics Fitness Association

Aerobics Dance Exercise Instructors

KIDBICS Super Instructors

KIDS FUNK Instructors

Ns. Uenozono, Asako

Information about the Extended and Holiday Childcare

Let’s play at the “Buddy-Buddy Club”!

Buddy-Buddy Club

The “Extended and Holiday Childcare” of Angel Kindergarten has been known as the “Buddy-Buddy Club” since 2006.

This club works to support busy parents in raising their child or children.

This service can also be utilized temporarily for family emergencies and special occasions, school events, visits to the hospital, etc.

So how do the children spend their time?

The children spend their time making things and playing, coming into contact with other children of varying ages.

The childcare workers play with the children, so that the children can learn to develop their own special way of playing.

Buddy-Buddy Club2
Details about Extended and Holiday Childcare
TimeEnd of Normal Childcare ~ 7:00pm
HolidaysSaturdays, Sundays and National Holidays:
Bon Festival / New Year’s Holiday
Childcare workers“Buddy-Buddy Club” Full-Time Teachers and 2 Childcare Workers
Activity Plan
SpringLet’s Play in the Flower Fields!
Soap Bubbles
Playing with Water Color
Carp Streamers
SummerPlaying in the Pool
Field Trip
Let’s make a boat!
Star Festival Decorations
Wind Chimes
Playing with Sounds
Using Things from Nature
Sweet Potato Baking
Alphabet Games
Making Kites
Making Playing Cards
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