Message from the President.

“For Children to clearly be able to tell the right from wrong”

This is the foundation of early childhood education. No matter how much the times have changed, this fact of childrenʼs growth will remain the same. We, Angel Academy are striving to create a Kindergarten that will draw out the true potential, shine out in this society, and meet the demands of the 21st century.

Yasumi Katsumi
School President.

Basic Information

  • Name
    Educational Institution of Angel Academy, Inc.,
  • E-mail
  • Established by
    Educational Institution of Angel Academy, Inc.,
  • Capacity
    Type 1 Certification 220 children /
    Type 2,3 certification 120children
  • Address
    561-1 Nishikoizumi, Masaki-cho, Iyo-gun
  • Staff
    Teacher/ Nurse/ Nutritionist/ Chef/ Bus driver
  • Telephone
  • Commissioned
    Dr. Yoshifumi Kodama, Kodama Pediatrics
    Dr. Yosuke Igaue, Shiki Children's Dentistry
  • Fax
  • School
    Shunsuke Joko, AOI Pharmacy
  • Classrooms
    English Conversations, Swimming, Soccer, Physical Education, Keyboard Harmonica, Painting,
    Drum Corp, Tamaishiki Classroom - Math.
  • Pre-Kindergarten Childcare
    At Angel Kindergarten, we are now holing the “Let’s Play Together!” Class for 2 and 3 year-olds
    to prepare them for school life. Fun-packed projects every month.
  • After-School Childcar
    Elementary Grades 1-6 (After School)

School Objective

Leading children to grow up strong, bright, and with a tender heart.

  • Helping the children acquire the proper daily habits in order to stay healthy.
  • Helping the children learn how to get along with each other, and to develop compassion for one another.
  • Improving the children’s athletic performance in order to build up well-balanced bodies.
  • Developing the children’s intellectual abilities based on their individual personalities.
  • Deepening the children’s interest and understanding of language in order to develop their linguistic competence.
  • Helping the children cultivate a warm heart with rich emotions.
  • Through a variety of educational environments, striving to develop a well- rounded and competent learner.

Features of Angel Kindergarten

Provides an enriching education through the rhythm of music, a foundation for physical health, language acquisition, sensitivity, self- expression, and the promotion of free play.

  • Be active
    Hop! Jump! Run in our
    playground to enhance body’s
  • Be joyful!
    Let’s sing and listen to the music!
    We love the music!
  • Be talkative
    It’s very important to learn
    how to speak properly and
  • Be sensitive
    We encourage our children to express
    their feeling and emotions!

Angel Kindergarten’s commitment

01Warm Fireplace
In our kindergarten, you can see the big fireplace.
In every November, we will hold the fire ceremony.
When a fire starts to burn, we can feel the inner peace and a feeling of pleasure that filled us with nostalgia.
The special U-shaped building allows children to go to the playground easily by just crossing the hallway and opening french windows!
03Natural Building Materials
In Kindergarten, every place you touch, such as desk and chairs that children use were all made by natural materials.
Because, children use the facilities all day long so It’s very important to make sure children are surrounded by the natural material.
04Embracing the world
Spending time with the foreign teachers, joining our international Friendship program “Hello Friends around the World”, and even our JSL program let children understand the world with diverse people and culture!
“Hello Friends around the World”
05Swimming in warm water!
We have one of the best swimming pool equipment.
Our system for swimming pool sanitation can prevent of diseases in swimming pool. Moreover, children can enjoy clear water because we use diatomaceous earth filter powder for our filter system. This natural, high-grade powder will catch the smallest contaminants that may hurt children’s skin.
06Hop, jump, run!
Our children love to run and exercise in the playground.
Our playground grass for extreme safety provides the best space for children to play barefoot. This playground is also the place for our Athletic Meet of Nursery School.


August 1977
Establishment of Angel Academy as an Incorporated
Educational Institution
April 1978
The 1st Entrance Ceremony
September 1981
“Songs of the Autumn Insects” Listening Party Began
April 1985
Received the “Leadership Excellence Award” for the
15th Children’s Art Exhibition
Vice Principal Katsumi elected as a Viewer Committee
Member for the NHK Broadcasting Station
May 1985
Received a prize for the “Art Education Research Paper
Contest” sponsored by the Matsushita Audio-Visual
Education Foundation
May 1986
Awarded the 12th Audio-Visual Education Encouragement
November 1989
Received the “Angel Drum Excellence Award”
at the 6th Ehime Prefecture Rhythm and Expression
Creation Recital
January 1993
Alteration of Operation Capacity Approved
(For 9 classes up to 220 children)
March 1993
Received the “Leadership Excellence Award”
for the 23rd Children’s World Art Exhibitio
February 1995
Visit from the Minister of Education, Norinobu
Shimamura, to observe the Angel Kindergarten
Music Concert
February 1996
Received the “Ehime Prefecture Board of Education
Superintendent Prize” at the 55th National Art
EducationExhibition sponsored by the Art Education
Promotion Association
March 1996
Received the “Leadership Excellence Award” for
the 26th Children’s World Art Exhibition
June 1997
The 48th Ehime Prefecture Kindergarten Conference
held at Angel Kindergarten
March 1998
Received the “Leadership Excellence Award” at
the 28th Children’s World Art Exhibition
March 1999
Received the “Safe Driver” Award at the Iyo Safe Driving
Management Conference
Yasumi Katsumi appointed Board of Director at the Ehime Prefecture Probation and Parole Office
February 2002
Received the “National Prefecture Award” at the 30th Children’s World Art Exhibition
Received a prize at the 20th Expression and Dance Creation Recital
March 2002
Received the “Leadership Excellence Award” at
the 32nd Children’s World Art Exhibition
June 2003
Yasumi Katsumi appointed Board of Director for
the Masaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry
August 2003
The 1st Joint “Cool Evening Breeze” Gathering began
February 2004
Visit by Seiko Hashimoto, ex-Olympic speed skater,
to instruct the children on ice skating
April 2004
Approved as a Model Kindergarten adapting the
Education Reformation designed by the Ministry of
Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Katsumi Yasumi appointed Counselor of the Ehime
Prefecture Private Kindergarten Association
Appointed Supervisor of the Shikoku Regional
Probation and Parole Union
April 2005
Approved as a Model Kindergarten adapting the
Education Reformation designed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
April 2006
Approved as a Model Kindergarten adapting the
Education Reformation designed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
April 2007
Approved as a Model Kindergarten adapting the
Education Reformation designed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
November 2007
Memorial Ceremony for the 30th Year Anniversary of Angel Academy was held.
Visit by Bafour Adjei-Barwuah, Ambassador and Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of Ghana
Music Concert held by Ghana folk instrumentalists
April 2008
Opening of After-School Childcare Program
May 2008
Board Chairman Yasumi Katsumi exchanged opinions regarding “Education without Borders” with the Nigerian Red Cross President at the 4th African Development Conference
“African Fair 2008”
March 2012
The completion of Angel Kindergarten New Building.
April 2015
Applied “Comprehensive Support System for Children and
Child-rearing” policy
Renamed as “Educational Institution of Angel Academy.,
Angel Kindergarten and Nursery School.”
November 2017
The celebration of foundation 40th Anniversary